Applying to College FAQ

Niles High School SENIORS

On-line Applications: Most students will do online applications to colleges. We suggest you download a copy of the application before starting. Use it as practice to make sure you have complete information before starting the actual online application. If you need to download a copy and do not have access to a computer, come to the College and Career Center for assistance.

When you download the application, there will likely be at least one page that someone at NHS needs to complete. There may be a counselor recommendation page, a secondary school page, and/or teacher recommendation forms.


What do I do with these pages?
Give the teacher recommendation pages to the teachers you have asked to do recommendations for you. Some schools have special pages for teachers; others ask for a teacher recommendation but do not have a special teacher recommendation page. Remember these folks may need about two weeks to complete their recommendation for you.

Turn in the rest of the pages (counselor recommendation form, school form, mid-year grade report form) together to the guidance secretary, Mrs. Matthews. Ms. Cain, Ms. Freeze, or Ms. Rinehart will complete the forms. We do not need envelopes or stamps unless the college has provided a specific envelope they want you to use.

There were no extra pages and I have completed the online application. Am I finished?
You will follow the directions that the college gives you about submitting applications. Turn in all the application materials to the Guidance Office secretary.

How do I submit Common Applications?
A large number of colleges now accept the Common Application. Follow the directions on the Common Application site closely. There are two spots to add a counselor. You need to be sure to invite Ms. Freeze or Ms. Rinehart in the counselor listing under your college.

What happens after I turn in the application materials to the Guidance Office?
The Guidance Office secretary will ask for all of your materials. She will give the materials to one of the counselors to complete. We will prepare to send your transcript, when the application is complete. Again, follow the college's application directions thoroughly to make sure you have completed all pages appropriately and that you are turning in all of the required information from your end.

Check and recheck college deadlines to be sure your materials will get there by their deadline. Allow a considerable amount of time for our office staff to process your application and get it sent. You will want your application in the college's hands before Winter Break.

What else do I need to think about?

  • Many colleges visit Niles High School in the fall to recruit students and answer questions. Listen/read the daily announcements to know when colleges will visit. You need to get a college visit pass from the College and Career Center to show your teacher in order to attend the meeting. Junior and Senior students may get a college visit pass.
  • Try to attend the college visits of colleges you will apply to. The admissions office representative who comes to NHS is usually one of the people who will help make the decision about admitting you. It is a time for you to meet that person and make a positive impression by being attentive, asking thoughtful questions, and looking presentable.
  • If you choose to visit a college campus during a school day, plan on calling or bringing a note to excuse the absence, just as you would any other absence.
  • We receive information almost daily about scholarships. Again, listen/read announcements daily to stay current about scholarships you may be eligible for. If you want to apply for a particular scholarship, go to the College and Career Center for an application. For other scholarship information, please see our Scholarships page under the Guidance/College Info tab on our NHS website.
  • Senior year can be a stressful time. Plan what you need to do, then make sure you follow through with your plans. See Mrs. Busby, Ms. Cain, or Ms. Freeze in the College and Career Center if you need help with your plan.
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